Our Mission

aaduna seeks to uncover new and emerging talent; build a relationship with those individuals; work with them to transition their creative ideas to publication, and then offer aaduna artists ongoing support and promotion to enhance their career.

 The Purpose, Philosophy, & Objectives

aaduna seeks creative visionaries who find refuge and their sense of the world within the complexities and ironies of the written word, as well as those compelling visual images, which are lastingly impressionable.

aaduna will embrace novice and emerging authors and artists who are seeking to expand, transition, or transform the current landscape of literary and artistic thinking.  It invites provocateurs, conceptualists, experimentalists, innovators, as well as traditionalists working within the realm of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and the visual arts (particularly photographers) to submit unpublished work for aaduna’s consideration.

Multicultural and pluralistic in its sensibilities and outlook, aaduna fully realizes that creative people of color, especially those individuals yet unpublished, still require appropriate and viable outlets for their work.  Therefore, a core aspect ofaaduna is to provide a publication venue for artists of color.  In this proactive manner, aaduna will have a preference for talent traditionally denied access to a wide and diverse audience. To complement this primary objective, aaduna welcomes all work that addresses multicultural themes, and bolsters human dignity.

aaduna will seek additional platforms for its authors and artists to share their work with audiences who may only be passively engaged in the arts or culture.  By establishing viable levels of interaction, aaduna will help lessen the distance between audience and the creative person.  In this way, aaduna seeks to broaden literary and artistic awareness; enhance intellectual curiosity, and solidify public support for aaduna’s mission and objectives.

aaduna is a collaborative-driven entity.  It will develop partnerships between its artists and supporters, and create a vibrant environment where respectful dialogue and discourse is welcome.  In doing so, aaduna will develop opportunities for internet-based “town hall” conversations that will bring author/artists closer to the general public, and achieve another important objective, creating a place for, and of, community.  Such “gatherings” will enable submitters to benefit from the ideas, constructive critique, and communal support of aaduna’s artists and global readership.

aaduna’s Logo


Inspired by a late twentieth century Southeast Asian wood carving, artist Lisa Brennan adapted the essence of the carving to create original artwork for aaduna’s logo.  Her rendering creatively reflects “aaduna si dofa rey” – “The world is huge.”  Ms. Brennan took this literal translation and used a circular shaped logo to signify the inclusiveness of aaduna’s mission, global strategic scope, and its perpetual journey of exploration.

The singularity and simultaneous duality of the side portrait where each side faces the other, represents aaduna’s willingness to embrace as equals all creative people drawn to its mission, and the public that supports aaduna’s objectives.  From a different viewpoint, the single face conveys aaduna’s vision of the world as ultimately being one, regardless of regional, cultural, or political preferences.  Both views recognize that the world’s people may be distinct but will never lose the universal desire for a common and shared humanity.

The joined hands represent aaduna’s spirit of collegiality, collaborative partnerships, and teamwork.  Having the hands at each directional juncture (north, south, east, and west) signifies aaduna’s dedication to global understanding and its commitment to the world’s creative people regardless of geographical limitations.

The multiplicity of colors represents the colors of the world’s people, and what the mind’s eye embraces.

The lower case representation of aaduna reflects its respect for elders and the diverse spirits of truth.  This stance reflects aaduna’s sense of humility and graciousness, which seeks to serve, strengthen, empower, and embrace creative people and create a common platform for others to join that effort.