Even as life gets more hectic, and I work feverishly to find the time to do all that I want to do, my plate keeps overflowing with stuff hitting the floor. And then I have to take precious time to clean up the mess that I am responsible for.  And after that cleaning up process, I try to figure out (yet again) the workable solution to keep stuff on my plate besides using a giant bowl with higher than usual sides!

Sometime in 2017, “Conversations” will resume…maybe in a different format.  Dunno.  We’ll see.

Enjoy this issue!


bill berry, jr.

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Message from Bill Berry, Jr


When aaduna started, I did an interview process titled “E-Viewpoints” with contributors. The purpose was to construct a wider audience for aaduna writers and artists while providing our readership with a better understanding and glimpse of the individuals who penned the poetry, fiction, and non-fiction and created the diverse array of visual arts. For a variety of unplanned reasons, I took a hiatus from that initiative. But now, I am back with “Conversations.” The plan is to chat with current and previous contributors and delve into aspects of their background that you may find intriguing and uplifting. I hope you become a regular follower of this series of “Conversations” and continue to enjoy the work of the individual that I have a chat with. The intent is not to be “in your face” but enable you to savor the nuances, expectations, and challenges that aaduna contributors face as people, just like you and me. I think you will find “Conversations” interesting, maybe provocative, and enlightening. I hope so.

Stay Creative,